Zbasean open-source database for zebrafish inventory

ZeBase -an open-source database for zebrafish inventory

Zebrafish facilities have the daunting task of keeping thousands of different strains and genotypes organized on a daily basis. To help facilitate these tasks the use of a database has become a popular solution. Of the selection currently available the Zebrafish Database (Zebase) is the only open-source program offered. Zebase was designed to streamline the routine operations of a facility.

ZeBase is an open-source relational database for zebrafish inventory. It is designed for the recording of genetic, breeding and survival information related to the fish lines in a single- or multi-laboratory environment. Barcode generation and scanning are also incorporated in the database architecture as optional functions. Users can easily access ZeBase through standard web-browsers anywhere on the network. Convenient search and reporting functions are available to facilitate routine inventory work; such functions can also be automated by simple scripting.

You can find the installer and source code of the current version of ZeBase in "Install". An example implementation of ZeBase is available under "Demo", which you can quickly try out its functionalities. You can also obtain further information about the structure and documentation of ZeBase in "Resources".

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