Zbasean open-source database for zebrafish inventory


The environment we used to implement ZeBase is based on Mysql 5.1.41, PHP 5.3.2, and Apache. It is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Users only need to access the database through a web browser which can be run on PC, Mac or UNIX/Linux. While all users can create and update new batch records, obtain statistics and reports, and control barcode scanner and label printer, only an administrator can create and modify user accounts, Mutants, Transgenes, Strains and Tanks. This avoids accidental modification of the critical information pertaining to a line and ensures the consistency of the records. We use Codeigniter as framework to organize and streamline the code as well as JQuery to create a full-featured graphical user interface. Advanced users will find phpMyAdmin helpful to directly access individual records and modify attributes of the database with a graphical user interface. We have created an installer to facilitate the setup of the ZeBase, but it would be beneficial to have an IT administrator to help with scripting and implementation of the web interface. The most current installer and specifications of the database can be found at http://zebase.bio.purdue.edu.

Scanning Function

We use a wireless scanner which allows for customized preamble/postamble functions. ZeBase requires a scanner to impliment a preamble of "F9" and then a postamble of "F8". Make sure there are no other line feed or carriage returns or any other characters being submited with the scanning device.